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A Clever Strategy to Deal with Those Pesky Textbooks

As a college student, you would be forgiven to question if you really do need the textbooks sanctioned by the campus as compulsory learning material. The fact that (again) as a college student you need to get good grades and everything is already a challenge that needs solution. Getting into a college life is something that is not easy to overcome as it poses you certain kind of obstacles. Tuition is definitely higher than high schools. This is a given; after all, you are studying at a higher level of education so, consequently, the money needed to afford that kind of education should also rise in proportion. However, in a lot of cases, this is the single source of torture for many parents whose kids are entering a college life. Professors, those who teach and educate you, need to be paid for their service. And a lot of those professors have qualifications that dictate top level minimum wage. That alone has already put a burden on your shoulders as the tuition you paid also pays for their service. And we have not even talked about accommodations. Those who reside in the same area as the campus should not suffer as much. They do not have to pay for rent or room and board. They can simply go back home after class. Those who happen to reside even one state away from the campus would not be as lucky. They have to think about how they live during the period of studying away from home. Meals are also a subject that makes everything all the more difficult for said students to manage their money. Getting a part time job seems like the only solution to solve this matter as there is only a little chance that the parents could raise their allowance. But even that still bears risks.

Now we circle back to where we started: the textbooks, the books you use in class. These books are pricey and that is only to say the least. You can try as you like to find the cause for textbooks’ unreasonably high price but let’s not focus on that. Instead, head on to to learn a few things about how you can do without even a single textbook haunting your bank account. You would not have guessed it at first but, actually yes, there is indeed something you can do about this.

See, most of the textbooks deemed compulsory by the campus are not even going to be used until very late into the semester. In other cases, they eventually end up not being used at all. So, take a look at your syllabus and use the internet instead to gather sources discussing the subjects in it. Alternatively, if you must buy one, choose the old edition. “Latest edition” is only a gimmick to attract more buyers. The new editions rarely contain significant revisions or improvement over the old ones so it would not make any sense at all if you stick to planning on buying the latest.