Renovating an Old Cottage to Be Our New Home

Restoring an old cottage in a quaint little village had been a dream of ours, but restoration is tough when you are trying to preserve the original look of a place yet have comfort and energy efficiency. We put a modern remake of the big porcelain sink in the kitchen, but we had no plans on using it to wash pots and pans. We added a dishwasher behind a hidden panel. I looked all around Greater Manchester to find a window company that could install windows that looked like the ones the cottage had but would be modern and double glazed to save money on the winter heating and summer cooling bills.

Plus, the windows had to be made to fit perfectly in the openings in the masonry of this old place. We had all of the mortar joints tucked and pointed, and the exterior was looking very nice. The tuckpointing made that old brick look great. The sealant really brought out the nice look of the exterior. However, it was our new windows that were the most stunning change and upgrade to the exterior look of our place. The landscaping, new roof, new copper gutters all came together nicely after the windows were upgraded. We have been able to maintain the old look of the place using modern materials. We kept the slate look of the roof, but the slate tile are actually made of a composite material.

The mix of rustic and modern makes our home comfortable and useful to us while holding onto the Old English charm that comes with cottages such as this. This place of ours is now finished form top to bottom and inside and out and we are very pleased with the results. Our home is a mix of old and new and is very energy efficient to save us money on our utility bills.